Protected: So what’s next?

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Flashback on Bora Bora with Kathy Griffin

I never really had a chance to write about my latest travel experience to Bora Bora in March 2008…until today! So last night Bravo had a re-run of episode No 7 of Season 4 of Kathy Griffin’s My Life On The D-List. That is the episode that was filmed in Bora Bora during our first (and last) edition of Escape With The Stars. My company had initiated a project to create, once a year, an exotic trip where one celebrity would join along with a limited number of travelers. The idea was to provide our guests with a unique experience … Continue reading Flashback on Bora Bora with Kathy Griffin

Volunteering and its positive effects.

As one struggles to build a life back, or pick up the pieces and find ways to pay rent and car notes, one can’t ignore the power of volunteering on the mind and the morale. In these times, finding a job has become a terrible competition and survival game (When employers conduct their own investigation using the internet and find negative feedback on your person, well your chances of getting the job are ever slimmer.  Trust my recent experience). So while one patiently waits for the next interview, one can offer to help various organizations. Granted the key word is … Continue reading Volunteering and its positive effects.

Education on blogs and technology!

For some odd reasons, I feel compelled to explain to some restless people how the internet and blogging actually work! 1- The internet is a gigantic library of information, information as recent as seconds ago and as old as the first day the internet made its appearance on home computers. What you read, what you see online could be old information. Do some digging before making assumptions that what you have just found is brand new evidence or content. And don’t believe everything posted on the internet. There are very few verifications and safety nets in place. It’s not designed that … Continue reading Education on blogs and technology!

The World of travel in mourning..

One who travels has often as I have never really think of something as simple as putting one’s life in the hands of strangers. Often we walk into a plane not thinking twice about who is at its helm, when the last maintenance check has been conducted or what the weather may be. When you travel as often as I have, walking into a plane is as routine as sitting into your car and starting the ignition. As travel agent, I often dismissed fears and concerns my clients may have had about flying for the first time. My mother won’t come … Continue reading The World of travel in mourning..

The delights of travel for a steal!

While one can look at the glass half empty, one with a creative mind might look at it half full. Traveling has never been cheaper and more affordable. From 5 star palaces offering 3rd, 4th and 5th night for free to airlines making more award seats and lower class fares available, the possibilities are endless. As some of you may know, I am done with selling travel. However, during my 10 years as a travel agent and tour operator, I was fighting online automated travel website using the argument that hiring the services of a travel agent was always a better route. … Continue reading The delights of travel for a steal!

Note to self..

So what has it come down to? This is the first blog of..well, my blog! I decided to come out of the closet (this will be funny for those who know me) after hearing all of what is being said about me out there! The internet is a GREAT invention, but the lack of fact checking out there can easily destroy people’s lives forever. When one accuse you of wrong doing and certain so called “consumer” website won’t even allow you to rebute and have the complaint removed when resolved (unless you pay a large fee), you know the internet has gone … Continue reading Note to self..