We all need to get away from life..

As my birthday loomed on the horizon, I decided I would not spend it with friends this year, but rather surprise my mother who had not seen me in over 2 years. On my birthday and after a day filled with computer problems, fires to put out and the daily routine a non-profit organization throws at you, I jumped on the new direct flight from Orlando to Paris and headed to Provence via way of the now 30 years old high speed train (which still looks brand new and super efficient/clean..just a wink at Florida’s governor who decided to reject billions of dollars for a new high speed train system in our State).

A quick 3 1/2 hour after boarding the train from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, I was back home, picking up my nephews, nieces, brother, sister to head to the lower Alps, a mere 40 minutes north of Aix-en-Provence and give my Mother one of the best surprises of her past 20 years. The smells of Provence’s trees and flowers in the Summer, the peace and quiet of  its villages, the traditions, the late night dinners with family…all things I have been missing for many years now, and even more so the past 3. We all need to get away from life once in a while, and for me, in spite of the recent trips I have been on for various reasons, this is, so far, the one I know I will enjoy best. Yes it is basic. No 4 star hotels or clients to show around, no gourmet cuisine or trips to Versailles. Yet, it’s about quality and this definitely has it!

Life never really leaves you alone. With today’s technologies, there is absolutely no way you can get away from it. Case and Point, I am typing this as everyone in the house is taking the traditional afternoon nap before heading to one of the local villages to pick some lavender and visit our horses (However, this is too enjoyable not to share). So take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to enjoy what really matters in life…LIVING!

Statewide Insurance has a motto: “Life comes at you fast”. It could not be more true for so many of us. I have come to realize that no matter what you do in life, you are not judge on what you do right or best, you are judged on mistakes you make once. So why bother? Why bother worry about what’s next, why bother worrying about people who have no significance in your life. Those who love you, those who know you, those who understand and share a life with you are those one need to worry about, not complete strangers. Their opinion and that of others who listen to them don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. At the end of the day, what you know deep in your heart to be true and real is all that matters.

A few more days of catching up with my beloved family and I’ll be heading back to what I still call home….for how long has yet to be seen!

On this 4th of July holiday weekend, if I have one advice to give, it would be to enjoy your family, enjoy those you love, focus on them and leave outside negativity and influences OUT of your life. Because before you know it, you are 6 ft under and at that point, there is no do-over!

Wait, I misspoke: second advice…Visit Provence and the lower Alps. From horseback riding to white water rafting and the beach only minutes away, you are bound to enjoy a true French Vacation and come back a new person. For home rentals or suggestions on places to stay, things to do, email me. I’ll gladly assist.

Happy 4th of July to all.




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