Volunteering and its positive effects.

As one struggles to build a life back, or pick up the pieces and find ways to pay rent and car notes, one can’t ignore the power of volunteering on the mind and the morale. In these times, finding a job has become a terrible competition and survival game (When employers conduct their own investigation using the internet and find negative feedback on your person, well your chances of getting the job are ever slimmer.  Trust my recent experience). So while one patiently waits for the next interview, one can offer to help various organizations. Granted the key word is “volunteering” (which by definition deprives your services of salary or paid compensation), it is an extremely important boost to your morale and energy levels. One might learn new skills by volunteering, meet new people and even possibly meet one’s next employer. And non profit organization don’t judge you solely by rumors or false truths, they judge you by your ability to do good, and to assist with the selected cause.

I am very lucky to have tremendous friends and acquaintances around me. Lucky because they stick around in spite of everything. Lucky because those friendships are helping me get through difficult times, but also because my network has grown to become a quality one, made of people who don’t judge and don’t care about what is being said about you. They make their own mind based on their own experience and realize human beings can be disgustingly ridiculous and pathetic at times. That is how I was able to get on the board of two fantastic organizations and that is why I take so much pleasure in helping them. All the sudden, your mornings become so much brighter and less difficult to get through. You have a new found purpose in life, one of fullfilling a group’s vision, one of making a difference in a community, one of showing the World that despite your failures and shortcomings, you, as a human being are not a failure. Your talents are not wasted, there are sought with extreme passion. Your time is not demanded, it is requested with the utmost respect. Your results are not dismissed as an obligation, there are praised upon and congratulated.

In those difficult times, it is also important for non-profit organizations to carry on, find new volunteers, new blood and rise from the ashes of their fundraising difficulties. By joining any non profit organization, you help others all while helping yourself get through whatever life throws at you. It is not selfish, it is smart!

To find a non-profit organization around you, by category or by location, google  “list of non-profit organizations” . Local listings will automatically come up.

Happy Volunteering!