Education on blogs and technology!

For some odd reasons, I feel compelled to explain to some restless people how the internet and blogging actually work!

1- The internet is a gigantic library of information, information as recent as seconds ago and as old as the first day the internet made its appearance on home computers. What you read, what you see online could be old information. Do some digging before making assumptions that what you have just found is brand new evidence or content. And don’t believe everything posted on the internet. There are very few verifications and safety nets in place. It’s not designed that way. At the end of the day, smart and intelligent people make their own opinion based on their own experience. And one day, what you do to someone..eventually turns against you.

2- Blogging is a way to keep a journal, or provide information on specific matters or subjects ONLINE. It’s not designed to change people’s opinions, it’s designed to express an opinion or talk about a subject dear to the blogger. It is found by search engines such as google or yahoo because it is hosted online and those very same search engines are always working and looking for web page to reference on the internet, like a librarian would do.  Blogging can take as little as 2 minutes and as much as hours depending on the extent of what you are posting, or writing. Blogging does not keep you from having a job and certainly does not keep you from having a life. Nowadays, you can even blog from your cellular phone, while at work or while traveling 🙂

3- Bloggers control their blogs and the comments posted on it. If the blogger does not care about the comment, he/she does not have to post it or even read it. As a matter of fact, bloggers can set their blogs up so no comments are allowed on it. Yes, it’s a one way street. But noone ever said blogging was a two way conversation!! After all, and likes don’t allow two way conversations or fact checking, so why should blogs do?

4- The internet works in mysterious ways…one day it is working in your favor, the next it works against you. EVERYTHING you say or do on the internet may and will be used against you at some point (including in famous slandering and defemation law suits). Yes, everything is kept and filed 🙂
So today may be my turn to be blasted against, tomorrow will be yours!

Safe surfing!